About US

Learn Short-Term Loans is a free resource provided by Stand Strong Media. The purpose of this website is to provide you with the information you need to make an objective, rational decision regarding short-term loans. In most situations, that means you shouldn’t get a short-term loan.

Unlike most websites found in search results for loans, we aren’t lenders, nor are we affiliated with lenders. We’re just here to provide free information that will help you make the right decision, and avoid the “debt trap” that plagues so many of the short-term installment loans.

About Short-Term Installment Loans

Most short-term loans are horrible decisions — especially personal loans. It’s our strong recommendation that you not consider a loan until you have exhausted all of the alternatives — all of the alternatives.

Going into debt is the first step to financial slavery — unless you will be investing in your future (business, etc), then a loan simply drains your resources.

Short-term personal loans are even worse than business or student loans, because they are geared to target individuals who are desprate and willing to make bad decisions to solve for a financial crisis. Single mothers, the unemployed, the elderly, those in a vulnerable situation — these are the people short-term loans lenders target.

The trick is that if you miss a payment, you have to pay a huge fine — enough that could cause you to miss the next payment, and so on and on. This is called a “debt trap” and is a kind of voluntary slavery.

Education or Government?

Many people support the government banning these loans. We politely disagree. Short-term loans are financial suicide, but shouldn’t be banned — education trumps prisons and force, almost always. That’s why Learn Short Term Loans was founded — to provide education about short-term loans to those who are considering them, and make sure they know the facts.