Investment in real estate

 Investment in Boston area real estate

The overview

Real estate is one of the major investment avenues in the recent times especially in the Greater Boston Area and in MA in general. Boston apartments are highly sought after as investment vechicles and there is a highly competetive environment when it comes to trying to buy these properties.. There are a number of ways one can find apartments in Boston that can become good future investments and cash flow generators. Before looking for investment properties either condos or apartmenst, the people should be clear about their investment objectives. Does the buyer want to find a property that is already fixed up and generating income or is it more prudent to buy a “fixer upper” and renovate the properties themselves so they add value?  There are a number of ways to build cash flow apartments in Boston. The first thing is to determine your time involvement, because finding properties in boston for investment can often be a full time job in and of itself.  Then it becomes essential to ask yourself if you are going to constantly miss work to try to see properties that often come to the market quickly and are purchased even faster.  You have to realize that Boston apartments  are always in chronic short supply as the vacancy rate is usually less than 3% and usually less than 10,000 units are built each year which doesn’t even cover population growth.  In order to be aware about the apartment rentals market in Boston, you should try to read as much information as you can both online and in print because rental pricing in Boston changes quickly.

Loans for buying investment apartments

There are different loan originators which provide options to buy investment condos and investment Boston apartments. Apart from just home loans there are other types of loans available to help facilitate purchases. There are short term home and bridge loans, business loans, renovation loans and fixed and variable interest rates depending on what kind of loan is required. Traditional home loans can be taken to buy investment apartments in Boston if it is a multi family and the owner will live in one of the units. As always, work with a good mortgage broker or bank to understand all your financing opportunities.

Boston apartments can be a trilling way to generate cash flow and then make further purchases of real estate in Boston. Financing becomes more important as you purchase more and more properties. Banks and lenders need to know that you are not over leveraged so often times partnering up with other buyers can make all the difference in the world to growing your real estate empire.  Be flexible and be ready to cut deals quickly as good investment properties are hard to find and get gobbled quickly!