How to Get a Short-Term Student Loan

How to Get a Short-Term Student Loan

Calendar January 16, 2009 | Posted by admin

Most children grow up hearing their parents refer to the “college fund” that is being saved up for them. While such savings can benefit a college education tremendously, the rising costs of tuition, living expenses and textbooks often require more money that the student and their parents had anticipated.

You may want to consider a short term student loan to help cover some these costs. These loans are fairly easy to procure and can provide a great deal of financial help.

What Is a Short-Term Loan?

Short term student loans typically come in smaller amounts than normal loans. Each loan is usually for no more than six to eight hundred dollars at a time, depending on the school.

By applying for a short term loan, the student is also agreeing that they will not be allowed to apply for a future loan while a previous one remains outstanding. In most cases, short term student loans must be paid back within a rather short time frame; this period of time is typically about ninety days.

The Normal Application Process

The application process for the majority of short term student loans is taken care of through the university’s financial aid office. Unlike most normal student loans, the response time for a short term loan application is fairly quick.

Most students receive a response within a week or so. Again, this varies from school to school and often depends on when the application is submitted.

In most cases, a bank will be your safest and most affordable bet. If you have a good credit history you should have no problems getting approved for an unsecured loan. For the minimal amounts most people seek from short term loans, most banks don’t require collateral of any sort.

While this approach will end up costing you quite a bit of interest in the long run, they are extremely effective in cases where you are seeking a short term loan. These loans are offered by a few major banks but are more commonly found offered in other financial service institutions.

These “fast cash loans are designed to assist people in financial trouble until their next paycheck comes. Again, the interest on these loans can be quite steep so it is important to pay them back as soon as you can.

Using a credit card is a simple approach and can actually end up helping you out in the long run. The application process to get approved for a credit card is far less painful than the forms you have to fill out for financial aid.

First, you will obviously want to be sure that you apply for a card that will give you a limit that will cover your tuition. Once you pay this off in a timely manner, not only are you taking steps towards improving your credit rating, but you now have a credit card to use for future semesters or any financial emergencies that may arise.


The most important thing to remember when applying for short term loans is not to agree to any payment terms that you don’t expect to be able to afford. As long as you remain realistic in your search, there are several options available to you.

If done correctly, you can easily acquire a short term loan for college and have one less thing to worry about as you advance your academic career.

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