Gender Balance in Kazakhstan Has Been Improved

In 1998, Kazakhstan signed United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Over the last years, the situation with gender equality has improved significantly in the country. Official statistics show a stable gender balance in the labor market. The total number of economically active population in 2015 made up more than 9 million people, 4.4 million or 48.8% of which are women.

Public health, social services, accommodation, education and food services are the main industries, where women are employed. More than 70% of employees in these industries are females. However, gender inequality is observed at the level of top management, where women are still a minority. Women are also underrepresented in politics and decision-making fields.

Despite the current situation, there are examples of positive changes in the field of gender equality in Kazakhstan. Year by year, females have been gradually occupying the niche of top management in large companies, where they can fully unlock their analytical and leadership potential.

Burger King Kazakhstan supports the world practice and gives its employees every opportunity to unleash their potential, based on their professional capabilities. The company sets a nice example of gender balance – 51% of males and 49 % of females out of all employees working in company’s restaurants across the country. The head office has 45 employees, 31 of them are women, while 14 are men. Despite the stereotypes, 6 out of 10 available senior management positions are occupied by women, including positions of chief financial officer, chief accountant, heads of marketing, procurement and legal departments and HR-director. Twenty more women hold leaderships positions at the local level, covering 3 territory managers and 17 restaurant managers. 

Burger King Kazakhstan opened its first restaurant in the country in 2012, after businessman and public figure Bulat Utemuratov had signed a corresponding franchise agreement. Today Burger King Kazakhstan is run by his youngest son and numbers over 30 restaurants in 10 cities. The businessmen and his family are known not only for their entrepreneurship in various fields, but also for their public activity and charity work