Effective Tips for Handball Betting

Effective Tips for Handball Betting

Are you going to make bets on handball for the first time? Then, you are highly recommended to check the handball features. Before you go to the reliable betting site https://100betz.com/, you’ll need to learn the peculiarities of the game and develop the strategy.

Handball Analysis

  • Goalkeeper is a key player in the handball The result of the match depends on his skill, so start the analysis of the event with goalkeeper statistics.
  • Statistics are the main component of the analysis. The numbers will tell about the effectiveness and form of the team. Also study the history of face-to-face confrontations.
  • Handball is a tough game with physical contact, so athletes are injured regularly. Take into account the line-ups, since the loss of even one player can affect the team’s game.
  • Motivation - players without tasks will simply “give up” the match. Some teams play in the international arena. The schedule of games is tight, so they have to sacrifice points in favor of a priority tournament.

7 Tips for Handball Betting

  • Favorites are sometimes inferior in the course of a match by 5-6 points. The coefficient for their victory increases, so it makes sense to play a net win or bet with a handicap.
  • If the favorite in the debut of the match significantly broke away from the enemy, then in the final segment, take a positive head start on the underdog.
  • Be careful when watching matches. Some teams have their own patterns. For example, in the first half they demonstrate poor performance, for the second half they catch up.
  • When the team that sets the rhythm in the game has not pulled ahead in the first half, bet on its victory in the match.
  • If the first half ended in a draw, bet less on the total in the second half. Teams will be cautious and fight hard, and this does not lead to an extravaganza.
  • According to statistics, if a team scored more than 8 goals in the first 30 minutes, it means that in the second thirty-minute period it will definitely score at least 8 goals (in 95% of cases). It is not recommended to bet, relying solely on the tips listed. Use them, but reinforce each bet with analysis.
  • Bet on reliable tournaments: World and European Championships; Olympic Games; Eurocups (Champions League, Cup of Cups); Championships in Germany, Spain and France - handball is the most popular in these countries. Bookmakers for these competitions offer a wide list and low margin. Also, for analysis in the public domain, there is enough information about the players and teams. Handball betting strategies overview A strategy is an opportunity to reduce risks, not a win-win option. Test them, but always “customize” for yourself, because nothing stands still.